Taking care of the details

Taking care of the details

Thrive Design specializes in residential remodeling and project management.

Our goal is to create beautiful spaces and happy clients. We do this by simplifying the complicated renovation process.

We love transforming spaces and helping to make our clients lives easier by managing the thousands of details in a remodeling project.

We love small projects such as updating furnishings in one room to large projects that include remodeling every room in your home.

We also love Hospitality Design. We love to help clients bring updated furnishings and accessories to lobby’s, meeting rooms, and guest rooms for local hoteliers.

Shelley Sims, Interior Designer

Shelley began her college years at the University of Colorado in Boulder, majoring in Philosophy and Dance. Then on to New York City where she received an Associates Degree in Merchandising, Marketing and Management at the Tobe-Coburn School for Fashion Careers. She attended further training at the Rhode Island School of Design focused in Interior Architecture and again at CU Boulder in Art History.

Shelley has created and owned five businesses prior to Thrive Design. Endless Ideas- a visual merchandising business doing window displays, party decorations and set design for clients in Denver, Boulder and Breckenridge for 5 years. Luminessence- an art gallery in Boulder, Colorado that showcased local artists for two years. One Truth, Inc. organized and managed meditation retreats in Colorado, Washington, Northern California and three islands in Hawaii for twelve years. Namaste Gift Shop was a gift store selling spiritual books, music and gifts located in downtown Boulder for 4 years. And most recently was Casa Blanca Design, a remodeling and renovating interior design business serving clients for the past eight years. She has been instrumental in creating every aspect of these businesses. Creating business plans, raising funds, designing interior spaces, and managing daily activities. She is a visionary with the ability to attend to the details to complete the project and bring the vision down to earth.

What do you love about doing interior design?

“Being an interior designer is the perfect blend of my mother’s influence and love for fashion and my father’s influence and love for real estate. When these two aspects combine in me with my love for transformation of any kind, we get Thrive Design. I get so excited by the remodeling process. I enjoy the challenge of using existing constraints of either structure or furnishing items to begin the creative process. I am as thrilled by the demolition and destruction phase as I am the building and creation part. I enjoy every step of the process. I love to create beautiful places for people to enjoy life in. My most favorite thing is to create satisfied clients. I love that feeling that busy people with crazy lives have a bit less stress because they found me.” Shelley